Pipe Fittings Produce Machine

Bend Machine

Automatic type hydraulic if pipe bender is equipped with mechanical part and electric controlling part. Mechanical part has four institutions: Power supply mechanism, clamp fixed institution, bend radius adjusting mechanism, feed mechanism.

Electrical part of If pipe bending machine consists of two systems: Heating system and PLC control system.
PLC control systemof If pipe bending machine :

The Siemens S7-200, using the industrial computer or touch screen We developed a set of automatic control system from year 1994 according to the bending process : - Put the required bend geometry size, bending radius, bend Angle and raw material Numbers, material, heating required temperature and a series of data into the computer, let the computer has automatic tracking control according to those data, complete the tube bending process .
1. Using far infrared thermometer of IF  pipe bending machine , sampling with one point or multiple point, One point ensure reliable temperature rise, process clear display and monitoring temperature rise situation all times.
2. Automatic tracking control of if  pipe bending machine  : To realize that when high voltage in network, temperature quick rise correspondingly, so achieve fast hydraulic pushing speed; If low voltage in network, temperature rise is slow, hydraulic pushing speed is slow correspondingly, Forming closed cycle, keep relative balance.
3. Pipe bending process of if  pipe bending machine : The computer records pipe bending situation at all times. When bending angel of the pipe arrived in required place, the computer stop and alarm automatically, the whole data and image of bending process can be stored and printed.

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Elbow Machine

Constituent parts of elbow formingmachine: Main machine, hydraulic powerstation, operation desk, motor control cabinet,medium frequency power supply, compensatingcapacitor, water cable, adjustable holder ofinduction coil and reactor.

The elbow forming machine canmake elbow size upto ¦µ1420mm .

The elbow forming machine hasfollowing advantages:

1. The elbow formingmachine heating powersection---Constant power output. Using theunique stabilized voltage technology, eventhough the input voltage has 10% of fluctuation,can still keep the stability of intermediatefrequency output power. Energy saving andenvironmental protection, noise and pollution issmall.

2. The elbow formingmachine adopts hydraulic automaticfeeding mechanism.

3. The elbow formingmachine lock gate adopts hydraulic openand close.

4. The elbow formingmachine induction coil holder up anddown, front and back actions adjustable bymotor, operating is safer.

5. The elbow formingmachine uses 2 cylinders or 4 cylindersaccording to the requirement of the machine,running more smoothly.

Cold Draw Tee Machine

EDW Series of cold extrusion teeforming machine are suitable for carbon andstainless steel pipe fitting teeforming(¦µ21-630mm).
Main characteristics of equipment: Themachine has two kinds of operating mode:Semi-automatic and automatic.Electrical controlsystem adopts PLC control system, automaticdecompression and exhaust.
Using condition: 1.WorkingTemperature£º0-40¡æ. 2.Power supply£ºthree phasefour wire system (50HZ,380V).3.Voltage£º380V¡À10%. 4.Hydraulic system workingmedium£ºYB-N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil.
Main technicalparameters£º

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 Expanding machine

The expanding machine isdesigned due to the insufficiency of largediameter seamless steel tube production andspecification. It¡¯s a two oil cylinder or fouroil cylinder parallel uniform velocity pushingmachine, pump station valve table adoptsintegrated form. Setting the power of mediumfrequency heating power supply, force and strokeof oil cylinder according to the outer diameterand length of the pipe.

The expanding machine hasfollowing parts: Main machine, automatic feedingand unloading material system, hydraulic pumpstation, operation desk, motor control cabinet,medium frequency power supply, compensatingcapacitor, water cable, adjustable holder ofinduction coil and reactor.

The expanding machinemaximum expanding range: pipe diameter ¦µ 1520mm, wall thickness 120 mm.


Pressure Machine


1,Hydraulic presses machine tool workingenvironment:

1. Temperature: 0 ¡æ to 40 ¡æ.

2. Humidity: relative humiditybelow 90%.

3. Voltage: 380 v (15% and +15%), 50 Hz. Application: Used for pressingtechnology of plasticity material, Such asflanging, sheet tensile, bending, etc, can alsoused for correct, pressing, cold extrusion andpressure molding process of plastic products andthe powder product.

Main features of Hydraulicpresses machine :

1. Structure of hydraulicpresses machine adopts the computeroptimization design, the structure is simple,economical and practical.

2. Hydraulic control of hydraulic presses machine using integratedsystem, reliable operation, long service life,hydraulic impact is small, and reduce theconnecting line and leakage point, hydraulicintegrated system uses independent control unit.

3. Independent electrical controlsystem of hydraulic presses machine , reliablework, action intuitive, convenient maintenance.Scope of production: Maximum can produce 2500Thydraulic press.

Our hydraulic presses areexported to India, Russia and other countries.

Bevel Machine

The machine is suitable forcompanies who worked on pipe fitting forming andpipe installation in power plant, petroleumindustry, chemical industry, shipbuildingindustry, etc. It's a key machine for pipefitting forming and pipe end beveling beforewelded in pipeline construction. The machineconsists of power head, cutter structure, bedstructure, fixture platform structure,electrical control system, etc.
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Medium frequency high frequency induction coil

Our KGPS Series ofintermediate Frequency induction coil Supply suit for smelting,though hot ,hot expansion,

quenching, drying, bending,etc, low loss of reactive induction coil,high inductioncoil utilization .

¡ù We can also manufacture inaccordance with the needs of users differentspecification IF power supply

and other ancillaryfacilities.

IF power : 50KW-3000KW,Frequency:100-8000Hz(KHz).

The max Medium-frequencyPower Supply, adopt the 750 V exchangespower supply.

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Hydraulic press Machine


Pipe automatic cutting machine

Abrasive Tool

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